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Have you been asking yourself, "Where can I find floral design classes near me?"

Whether you are looking for a fun night out, starting a hobby in floral design or are interested in a floral design curriculum, Walden Floral Design Co. has Floral Design Classes and Workshops near you to help you.

In this video, our plant expert Diane helps workshop participants make a succulent garden. This is just one example of in-person workshops and classes. We have so much more that we offer:

If you are interested in "Floral Design Classes near me", we offer:

  • Workshops for those who are looking for something fun to do or to see if floral design is something they might be interested in doing.

  • Classes to learn floral design skills

  • Classes to advance your floral design skills

  • A curriculum to become a certified floral designer

We also host private workshops and classes. Whether your club, organization or company is looking for something fun to do or a great night out, our Floral Design Classes are entertaining, creative and fun. Everyone leaves our classes and workshops with a beautifully designed product.

We are looking for participants for our advanced floral design classes and our certified floral design courses. Our very own Denise Walden is a certified instructor and teaches horticulture regularly. If you are interested in floral design classes, please contact us via email:

We are also interested in hosting online floral design classes and workshops so that everyone has a great experience and can participate in great "Floral Design Classes near me". Please contact us via email to share your interest in an online floral design class:

We are excited to see you in an upcoming Floral Design Class or Workshop.

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