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Floral design is the art of combining creativity, beauty, and the natural world to create stunning visual experiences


As a florist, Walden Floral Design has the unique privilege of creating stunning arrangements and décor that bring joy and beauty to special moments in people's lives. We welcome you to explore the world of floral design and learn more about how we can bring special moments to your world.

Floral Design Considerations

As an expert in the field, Walden Floral Design would like to share some important insights on what to know about florist-led floral design.

The Importance of Quality Flowers

Quality flowers are the foundation of any good floral design. Flowers should be fresh, vibrant, and in good condition to ensure a long lifespan and stunning presentation. As a florist, we work with trusted suppliers to source the best blooms available, so we can create the best arrangements possible for my clients.

Customization is Key

Floral design is an art form, and like all art, it should be tailored to the individual's taste and preferences. As a florist, we work with each client to understand their vision and create arrangements that perfectly reflect their unique style and personality. Whether it's a wedding, a corporate event, or a special celebration, we strive to make every arrangement unique and personalized.

It's More Than Just Flowers


Floral design is about more than just flowers. It involves an understanding of color, form, and texture, as well as a keen eye for detail. As a florist, we bring a wealth of experience and creativity to each project, incorporating elements such as vases, containers, and other décor to enhance the overall impact of the arrangement.


Understanding the Occasion


Each occasion is unique and requires a different approach to floral design. As a florist, we create arrangements for a variety of events, from weddings and funerals to corporate events and holiday celebrations. Our florists understand the symbolism and significance of each occasion and use that knowledge to create arrangements that are appropriate, meaningful, and memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers of Floral Design

What is the process of creating a floral design?


The process of creating a floral design typically starts with a consultation with the client to understand their vision, style preferences, color scheme, and budget. Our florist then selects the appropriate flowers, foliage, and accessories to create a unique and custom arrangement. The design is then executed and the arrangement is completed with a final touch-up.

What kind of flowers do you use for different occasions?

The type of flowers used for different occasions can vary based on personal preferences, setting, budget, and seasonality. For example, red roses are a popular choice for Valentine's Day, while sunflowers may be used for summer weddings depending on the bride's preferences. The team of floral experts at Walden Floral Design work with you select the best flowers for your occasion based on your desired look, budget, and other considerations.

Can you accommodate specific flower requests?

Yes, Walden Floral Design accommodates specific flower requests, but availability may depend on the season and local market conditions. We work with you to find the best alternative if your desired flowers are not available.

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