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What is the difference between sympathy flowers and funeral flowers?

Sympathy flowers are typically sent to the bereaved's home to express condolences and support during their time of grief. They serve to offer comfort and solace to the family. Funeral flowers, on the other hand, are specifically designed to adorn the funeral service or the burial site. They are meant to pay tribute to the deceased and provide a sense of honor and remembrance during the funeral proceedings.

Which type of funeral flower arrangements are provided by family and guests?

Family members often provide larger floral arrangements such as casket sprays, standing sprays, and wreaths, which serve as focal points during the funeral service. Guests typically offer smaller arrangements such as bouquets, floral baskets, and sympathy plants to express their condolences and support to the bereaved family. These arrangements can be displayed near the casket, at the entrance of the funeral venue, or sent directly to the family's home.

What is the most appropriate flower for a funeral?

Lilies are often considered the most appropriate flowers for funerals. Their elegant appearance and symbolic significance make them a popular choice. Lilies symbolize purity, innocence, and the soul's restored innocence after death, making them a fitting tribute to the departed.


In times of mourning, words often fall short in expressing the depth of our emotions. At Walden Floral Design, we understand the significance of bidding farewell with grace and beauty. Our bespoke Funeral Flower Collection - featuring exquisite casket sprays, solemn funeral wreaths, dignified easel sprays, and heartfelt funeral flowers - serves as a tribute to the departed soul, embodying love, respect, and an eternal connection.

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