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5 Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements

When honoring the departed, funeral flower arrangements serve as poignant expressions of love, sympathy, and remembrance. Each type of arrangement carries its own symbolism and significance, offering solace to grieving hearts during difficult times. Casket sprays, draped elegantly over the casket, symbolize eternal rest and peace. Funeral wreaths, with their circular shape, represent the unending cycle of life and the eternal bond of love. Easel sprays, standing tall with grace, provide a focal point of comfort and tribute during funeral services. Funeral bouquets, handcrafted with care, offer a personal touch of condolence and support to grieving families. Lastly, urn surrounds encircle memorial urns with beauty and reverence, symbolizing the everlasting memory of the departed. Each arrangement, thoughtfully selected and arranged, serves as a heartfelt farewell to those we hold dear.

Casket Spray: A lush arrangement of red roses adorning a silver casket.

Casket Sprays: A Final Tribute

Our casket sprays are designed with the utmost care and respect, serving as a centerpiece of remembrance. Crafted from the freshest blooms, each spray tells a story of love, honor, and legacy. From lush roses symbolizing eternal love to serene lilies representing the soul's return to peace, our casket sprays are a dignified tribute to those we hold dear.

Funeral Wreath: Circular wreath made of vibrant pink carnations, symbolizing eternal love and remembrance.

Funeral Wreaths: Circles of Love

Embrace tradition and honor life's journey with our handcrafted funeral wreaths. Symbolizing eternal life, each wreath is a delicate blend of beauty and serenity, woven from a variety of blooms that resonate with deep symbolism. Whether it's the purity of white chrysanthemums or the strength and courage represented by red carnations, our wreaths encircle the essence of your loved one's spirit.

Easel Sprays: Standing Tall in Memory

Easel sprays stand as a testament to resilience and remembrance. Elevated above the crowd, they catch the eye and uplift the soul, embodying the spirit of the departed. Our designers blend color, texture, and symbolism to create easel sprays that reflect the uniqueness of every life lived. From soft pastels offering comfort to vibrant hues celebrating a life vibrantly lived, our easel sprays are a visual homage to the indelible mark left by the departed.

Funeral Bouquet: Hand-tied bouquet of soft white roses and white lilies expressing sympathy and solace.

Funeral Flowers: Personal Sentiments

Beyond the grand gestures, it's often the smaller, personal touches that hold the most meaning. Our collection of funeral flowers allows for personal expressions of sympathy and support. Handpicked and arranged with empathy, these bouquets offer a gentle reminder of love and support during trying times.

Urn Surround: Floral arrangement encircling a memorial urn, crafted with white roses and white carnations. offering comfort and peace.

Funeral Urn Surround: Honoring a Unique Legacy

In the quiet reflection of a life well-lived, our Funeral Urn Surrounds stand as a testament to the uniqueness of the individual. Understanding that each journey is distinct, our urn tributes are meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of the departed. These arrangements encircle the urn, creating a sacred and beautiful focal point for loved ones to gather around and reminisce.

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