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Indulge in the whimsical and playful spirit of Easter with "Pretty Petals" floral arrangement from Walden Floral Design. This beautiful arrangement features a vibrant mix of orange daisies, miniature pink and yellow roses, and blue delphinium that come together to create a captivating display of colors and textures.


The delicate blooms and lush foliage evoke the cheerful energy of springtime and capture the essence of Easter. The arrangement's centerpiece is a charming bunny figurine nestled among the blooms, adding a touch of sweetness to this already delightful display.


Perfect for gifting or as a centerpiece for your Easter brunch, "Pretty Petals" is sure to captivate and delight all who lay their eyes upon it. Let the playful bunny and colorful blooms bring a touch of whimsy and joy to your Easter celebrations.


Order now from Walden Floral Design and make this Easter one to remember with "Pretty Petals" flower arrangement.


*Please note: Although we make every attempt to design our creations to mirror the photograph shown, we sometimes need to substitute product based on quality and availability of the flowers.

Pretty Petals

  • The combination of orange daisies, miniature pink and yellow roses, and blue delphinium in an Easter flower arrangement is not only beautiful but also playful. These colors and blooms evoke the image of springtime, with the bright and cheerful hues resembling the sunshine and blue skies. The orange daisies are reminiscent of carrots, which are a favorite treat of bunnies, while the blue delphiniums represent the blue color of the sky, and the pink and yellow roses add a touch of sweetness to the arrangement. This playful mix is perfect for celebrating the joyful and lighthearted spirit of Easter, and is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.

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