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How to Care for a Snake Plant

Snake plants, or Sansivieria, are easy to grow and very forgiving. This plant is strong, resilient and is quite beautiful. Follow these tips to know how to care for a snake plant.


The first rule of thumb in how to care for a snake plant is to avoid over-watering. The soil should be completely dry before watering again. Typically, water your snake plant every 2 to 8 weeks. In the winter, in cold climates, you may find that the watering schedule is about 8 weeks.

Avoid letting any water build up between the leaves. This can cause mushy leaves and eventually lead to leaf rot.


Air plants need clean air and good air circulation to survive and live a healthy life. After watering, air circulation is needed to ensure the air plant dries. Good air circulation will help the air plant to dry within 4 hours of watering; lower quality air circulation means a longer drying time. It is best for an air plant to dry within 4 hours. While air plants will do well in containers, they should not be displayed in enclosed containers. Be sure your air plant is completely dry before placing it into a container with restricted air circulation.

Plants located too close to air conditioning vents or heaters may dry out sooner and require more frequent watering.


The snake plant prefers medium light - approximately 10 inches, or 25 centimeters, away from a window. The plant will tolerate low light and high light, but avoid longer exposure direct sunlight as it will quickly dehydrate your plant.

In lower light conditions, the darker-leafed snake plant thrive. Snake Plants with brighter variegations will become less patterned in low light; in other words, they will lose their color.

Need More Help?

We offer a no-fee Plant Clinic to help plants that are struggling or in poor health. Let us help you restore your plant to good health.

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