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How to Buy Sympathy Flowers

Elegant white lily arrangement in a white vase, symbolizing purity and condolence, on a light background.
A sympathy flower arrangement at a loved one's home

When the time comes to express condolences and share in the grief of someone who has lost a loved one, sympathy flowers serve as a poignant tribute. Choosing the right arrangement, however, can often feel overwhelming. This guide aims to make the process of selecting and sending sympathy flowers both thoughtful and straightforward.

Understanding Sympathy Flowers

Sympathy flowers are more than just a gesture; they're a tangible expression of support and compassion. Unlike funeral flowers, which are typically sent directly to the funeral service, sympathy flowers are sent to the home of the bereaved to convey comfort during their time of mourning.

Selecting the Right Flowers

When choosing sympathy flowers, consider the following aspects:

  • Type of Arrangement: Common choices include bouquets, live plants, and wreaths. Live plants often symbolize ongoing life and can provide lasting comfort.

  • Flower Selection: While many flowers are appropriate for expressing sympathy, each carries its own meaning. Lilies, for example, represent the departed soul's return to innocence.

  • Color Palette: Traditionally, white flowers symbolize peace and purity, while blue flowers offer a sense of calm. However, don't shy away from vibrant flowers if they reflect the personality of the deceased or bring joy to the bereaved.

  • Personalization: Adding a personal touch, such as a favorite flower of the deceased or incorporating their favorite color, can make the arrangement more meaningful.

Close-up of a sympathy flower arrangement and a candle votive, exemplifying support.

Planning the Delivery

Timely delivery is crucial when sending sympathy flowers. Consider these points:

  • Send within a Week: Ideally, send the flowers within a week of hearing the news. This timing indicates your immediate thoughts are with the grieving family.

  • Delivery Location: If you're sending them directly to a funeral, make sure to coordinate with the funeral home or select a florist who specializes in funeral home deliveries. For home deliveries, ensure the family is ready to receive flowers.

  • Include a Message: A heartfelt message can offer solace during these tough times. Even a simple "With deepest sympathy" can mean a lot.

Navigating Online Purchase

If you're ordering sympathy flowers online, choose a reputable florist with good reviews. Look for options that offer:

  • Guarantees on Freshness: This ensures your flowers arrive in the best condition.

  • Trackable Deliveries: Enables you to know when your flowers have reached their destination.

  • Customizable Options: Many online florists offer the ability to personalize arrangements and messages.


Sending sympathy flowers is a gesture that holds deep significance. It is a way to share in the sorrow, offer comfort, and express what words cannot. By choosing thoughtfully, you not only honor the deceased but also provide a beacon of support to those left to grieve.

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