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6 Tips to Ensure Your Peace Lily Blooms

A native to the tropical rainforests of Colombia and Venezuela, the Peace Lily, or Spathiphyllum, will produce blooms that last for over a month. Here are our 6 tips to ensure your Peace Lily blooms throughout the year.

1. Give it the Right Amount of Light

Place your Peace Lily in a location that receives bright, indirect light. East-facing windows provide a perfect blend of light and shade. The amount of indirect light should be enough that allows you to read in it.

2. Maintain the Temperature

For best blooms, never expose your Peace Lily to temperatures below 54 degrees F or higher than 86 degrees F.

3. Water is Important

Your Peace Lily needs consistently moist soil, but definitely doesn't like to sit in standing water. Whenever the top inch of soil is dry, water the plant until the overflow starts to drain from the bottom of the container.

Peace lilies are susceptible to chlorine damage; use distilled water or let the chlorine evaporate from tap water before using it.

4. Avoid Overfeeding

Use a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer in a 20-20-20 ratio diluted to half strength, once every 3-5 weeks. Keep an eye on the flower’s health. A slightly green hue indicates overfertilization, which needs to be cut back immediately.

5. Keep Your Peace Lily Root Bound

Your Peace Lily can spend its energy expanding its roots within its container or it can spend its energy producing blooms. Keep your plant's roots confined and your plant will reward you with wonderful blooms.

6. Maturity & Variety Matter

Young Peace Lily plants will not flower. If you want consistent blooms, obtain a 1 or 2 years old plant. ‘Petite,’ Connie,’ ‘Mini,’ ‘Tys Pride,’ ‘Little Angel,’ and ‘Viscount’ varieties produce the most blooms.

If you purchased your Peace Lily from Walden Floral Design, you can be assured that you have one of the better bloom-producing varieties and a mature plant.

Did You Know?

Walden Floral Design has a team of plant experts available if you have any questions or concerns with your plant's health. Give us a call or stop by.

You can find more Peace Lily plants, as well as other plants, in our online store.

And, be sure to sign-up for information on our promotions, events, classes and new product announcements.

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