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5 Tips for Your 2021 Micro Wedding

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Regardless of the restrictions, weddings and receptions are happening this year!

2021 weddings are fabulously intimate with emphasis on family and dear friends. Priorities have changed. Sentiment and meaning are incorporated throughout the ceremony and reception. Couples are far more interested in the quality of their ceremony and celebration, rather than quantity of guests. The guests they invite are the people who mean the most to them; and because the celebrations are smaller scale, the details are less cumbersome. As a result, couples are far less stressed.

Couples are conscious of buying local and supporting small businesses which also enhances the uniqueness of their celebration. They are interested in buying artisanal products such as craft beers, local honey, chocolate and invitations. Locally grown and organic food is very popular.

An Intimate Wedding Ceremony at Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club

Outdoor weddings are in demand this year, making Seven Bridges Golf Club, The Morton Arboretum, and Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club among the most popular local venues. Beautiful outdoor settings for the ceremony and spacious indoor dining areas create a comfortable and elegant atmosphere.

Seven Bridges Golf Club

Backyard receptions have also become popular over the past year and we'll continue to see more of them in 2021. Many of the home celebrations have become very elegant with a beautiful open white tent, guest tables draped with lovely linens, and creative lighting. Plated meals are provided by professional caterers and serving staff.

When planning your outdoor wedding, keep these 5 tips in mind for the comfort of your guests:

  • Water! Keep plenty of cool, refreshing water on hand and make it easily accessible. Remember, guests won't want to leave their chairs and disturb the ceremony to reach for water. Have it available at the end of each aisle or under the seats.

  • Overhead sun. Many guests, especially older guests, can't manage high summer temperatures while seated in direct overhead sun. Plan your ceremony for a time when the most intense heat has passed. Provide personalized fun, hand-held fans.

  • Adequate seating with padding. Have enough seating for everyone who attends. No standing please! Many of the outdoor garden chairs have some padding.

  • Rain plan. Always have a Plan B for rain. Either plan for a tent or an indoor space just in case the weather is not cooperating. Perhaps there's a only a possibility of drizzle and you decide to go ahead and continue with your ceremony outdoors. Provide some umbrellas for your guests. Hair, makeup, the wedding dress, the groom's suit and everyone's shoes just don't do well in the rain.

  • Masks. Locally, we all still need to wear a mask, so provide some extras for your guests. Once a mask is dropped or stained, it is not usable. Provide extras just in case.

Planning a wedding this year takes a little more consideration for the safety and comfort of the attendees. But with a little thought, the wedding couple and their guests can enjoy a wonderfully unique wedding experience.

Happy planning!

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